• Jaú posted an update 4 years, 8 months ago

    Hy. Two things: First, for my final high school project I build the right arm of the inmoov and connected it to the EMG sensor Myo by thalmic labs. An idea that has been executed countless times and is already all over youtube, but if someone wants to take a look at it, here is the URL; https://youtu.be/uFaCrXYfgl4
    Second; Does anyone have experience concerning the use of the intel realsense d400 cameras for the inmoov? I am thinking about buying one for another project and if I knew that it can be used for the inmoov too (for example for motion capturing) this would significantly reduce my discontent about the ca. 200 $ price tag on these cameras.

    • Thanks for the video! you did a great job with the Myo armband.
      About 5 years ago (2014), just after the Myo came out, I did some research along with Alessandro (Italian friend) to get the InMoov2 hand responding to the armband to be used for prosthetic purpose.
      InMoov myo armband

      At the time it was very difficult to find information with the coding.
      Is it easier now? Did it evolve? I haven’t had a look into it since then.

      Regarding the RealSense from Intel, there is talks about inplementing it into MyrobotLab. Greg (founder of MRL) says it might just already work, but none of us has one to make the test.
      Maybe @juerg could make the test and tell us…

      • Hy Gael. well it’s hard for me to judge how much it did evolve or how easy it is. one day i stumbled over this website; http://www.fernandocosentino.net/pyoconnect/ where i found a linux alternative to the myo software myoconnect. this software could be used on a raspberry pi to collect the myos data and do something with it. all i could do with my really limited programming skills was to alter the code to turn on some digital pins on the raspberry pi depending on the data he got from the myo armband. these digital pins then forwarded the signals to the arduino which then controlled the servos. i was rather lucky that it worked in the end^^. cool, i will post here if i make progress with the intel cam . but gael, quick question; if i want to get into robotics later; is it essential that i study mechanical engineering or will i also be able to work on cool robotics projects with a degree in electrical engineering? what are your thoughts:)?

        • Very interesting how we all get to find solutions.
          Both study competences are required in robotics, but it mainly depends in what kind of company you will work later.
          Some robotics company will hire a specialized electrical engineer, while another company might need an engineer that has more self discovering solutions which wouldn’t need to be super specialized in certain field.
          In both cases, self confidence in your capabilities, and you seem to be good in what you do, will lead you to the correct path.