• Paco Álvarez posted an update 7 years, 1 month ago

    Printing finished!
    Time to assambly my first right hand and forarm.
    Here we go!! 🙂

    • good luck with the assembly. take your time especially with the finger strings through the wrist. it requires a lot of patience or a break once in a while to get your fingers staying steady.

    • You must have great patience. I usually am waiting for the printer to stop to put parts on one at a time. I didn’t realize how many parts there were until I saw you lay them all out.

      • In fact, the biggest parts are the last ones I prited.
        My Prusa i2 cannont build more than 7~8 cm height. So thought about building a Delta printer for bigger parts.
        However, in this case I couln’t wait and printed the big parts in two pieces. 🙂
        I think I’ll built the Delta anyway for future parts.

    • Fun time is about to start!!