• Thomas Wurm posted an update 8 years, 6 months ago

    tom stomach finished

    • top stomach

    • Great! have you been able to set it as default positions following the recommendations I posted recently on the tutorial? It looks like it !
      One question, you haven’t printed the bicep covers, is it because you like it this way?
      Just to say, the bicep covers, once glued to the structure really helps reinforcing. It greatly helps avoiding wobbling.
      Now you seem to be set to start creating gestures and other fun stuff to share with the InMoov folks.

      • i solved the problem with the right arm now so all potentiometers should be in the right position
        i replaced teh rektangular one with a round one its better for finetuning.
        i have spend much time in printing the biceps covers but i have some problems with this parts. the front covers now finished and o.k. but the side covers have tension cracks and i am working on to solve the problems. may be a enclosure for my printer will solve the problem.