• Hans-Jörg posted an update 6 years, 10 months ago

    Hi Gael,

    the ball-bearing rotcenter is online, the pivcenter follows in a few days.

    regards Hansi

    • Where do you get the ball bearings? I like your work. For myself I like the idea of no ball bearings though. That is just my preference. I like that this can mostly be printed without a lot of extra parts to buy. Even if a ball bearing installation is much more efficient. You’ve done nice work though.

      • Hi Perry,

        I like the idea of no ball bearings too, but as I began with my InMoov there was one problem, the circle holes are not realy round and the move of my head not realy even. You need a big Servo with a lot Power to move it.
        With the Arms it is the same, a lot of Power from the Servo is used to move the wormgear. With the ball-bearing I move my wormgear easy with to fingers, if you use a Batterie and not a Powersupply it will rise the running time extreme.

        You can find the 61709-2RS in the bay, but they are very expensive if you buy once. I try to get a spezial price from a reseller, 10€ up to 15€ per wormgear is ok.

        • Brilliant… Love this setup. I am using much stronger servos than the 805bbs too so this is something I would like to use. I also have been experimenting with a new low temp Poly carbonate so now my PivCenter, worm and Piv Gears are incredibly strong as well… Nice… thanks

          • Hi Hans
            So are these the correct sizes in mm-
            689 bearing is -9mm x 17mm x 5mm
            61709 bearing is-45mm x 55mm x 6mm

            I just done a quick search with the bearing Numbers you gave and this size keeps showing up -just like to double check before parting with any money- plus i might some in the bearing bin back on the farm-
            Nice work on the Mod, looking forward to using it- i was about to start modifying that part to put at least one bearing at the end of the worm gear – so that’s excellent you done both rotational points- I was i bit worried about the friction caused by the weight of the arm at these points,,,,

    • I found a reseller, where you can buy a Set of ball-bearings ( 2 x 61709-2RS and 1x 689-2RS ) for 10€ incl. shipping to Germany ask me for contact.

      • I already brought x4-61709- for $26au from china- about 15min after we last spoke,,,, i can get the 689 for $5each in australia,, but thats good to know that you found a seller, im sure there there will be plenty of people looking for them- printing out your mod right now- will post a pic on your Thingiveres account when finished–

    • The Piv-center is ready for download.