• HUGO posted an update 1 year, 10 months ago

    Hello, I need help, I have a problem, I have soldered all the pins of the nervoboard, but when I connect the nervo to the arduino mega to my computer, the script to put all the servos of the hand except the one of the wrist does nothing. The impression that the order is not transmitted, do I need a power supply other than USB? Does anyone see something wrong in the photos? Thank you

    • Hi.
      Yes, you need an additional power supply for the servos. I suppose the current would fry your arduino.
      I reused a 5V power adapter. I soldered a XT60 male adapter to the nervo board and a XT60 female adapter to the cable of the power.adapter: This way I am able to take away the current if my servos develop a life of their own.

    • USB power for the most part is limited to 2A under the USB2.0 standard.
      The average servo will draw between 2 and 3 Amps each.
      You will defiantly need a bigger source of power.
      I suggest a 6V power supply.
      If your planning on using it to power the whole of the Inmoov robot, then a 50 Amp power supply is recommended.
      There are other ways of powering the Inmoov robot, but as a beginner, I suggest the 6 Volt 50 Amp Power Supply Unit, or use a 6V Gell Cell battery 🙂