• Roger posted an update 5 years, 11 months ago

    MRL…shit Program…Connection to Ardurino Mega failed every time. And now…the Programm collapsed. Deleted, new intalled and now, while using the full-konfiguration it collapsed again…I hate it!!!

    • Hi Roger,
      Not a very nice thing to write, if you only knew how much work that is behind MRL, an not to mention the truck load of user that use it all the time without this problems..

      This smells like and can be any of this: bad java installation, poor quality usb cables, pc problem or even a shity arduino copy 🙂

      if your are able to when i crashes, select the help box, the “about” and press the “HELP, it no-worky” button, it will send a log file to the brilliant minds over at myrobotlab.org and the will probably sort you out 🙂

      • Hi Morten,
        thank You for Your anwer. Well, I know, there are many People to make this
        possible and they did a great work. I know also, that the most problems with computers will be found right in front of the screen… I guess, i’m one of those… But I will never give up! It is a learning day by day. So, thank’s for your help
        Greetings, Roger

      • Roger
        did fight with this for a long time and conclusion was that my arduinos did not reset as expected. I am using this code now, sometimes it takes a long time to connect but I never experienced a no-connect with this:

        # try and retry to connect the arduinos

        def connectArduinos():

        left = Runtime.createAndStart(“i01.left”, “Arduino”)

        while True:

        if left.isConnected():


        right = Runtime.createAndStart(“i01.right”, “Arduino”)

        while True:

        if right.isConnected():