• Giuseppe posted an update 2 years, 8 months ago

    Hi, I’m having trouble with the neck pistons. I have recalibrated the printer several times, sanded the pieces etc. yet they don’t fit. Does anyone else have this problem or would he be able to give me some other advice?

    • I found with mine, there is a setting in the slicer called Horizontal expansion.
      Setting this to -0.15 in my case solved all this problem and the calibration parts fit together nicely.
      This setting can vary from printer to printer and even between slicers.
      The setting of -0.15 works in my Cura slicer, while -0.10 works best in S3D on the same printer.

    • -0.15 Worked for me as well using Cura slicer and printing on Ender 3 V2.