• JRenta posted an update 3 years, 3 months ago

    We named him Guile.

    • thats awesome!

    • Super great!
      Welcome to Guile!

      • Thanks, we started in January working on Guile every Sunday for 5 hours. 52*5hours = 260 hours of building time. This time does not include 3D printing time.

        Thanks Gael. We named Guile after you.
        We are turning him on next week.

        Are you working on motorized legs?
        Can’t wait for motorized legs. My team will work on that next if you haven’t released any updates.

        • Hey cute,
          Now I have a real clone of myself!
          There is progress on the motorized legs, but I am still a long way to go.
          Chances are that Vincent (bretzel59) will propose some walking legs before I am finished.