• JRenta posted an update 4 years, 3 months ago

    I ran an example servo script that comes in Arduino Software to test the wrist servo and it works fine but when I use the NervoBoard to control the Wrist, it seems to not have enough power or maybe the impedance is not tuned correctly. I have the MRL Servo test sweeping from 0 to 180 and the wrist moves but just a tiny bit. Anyone experience this problem?

    • I figured it out. The MG 996R Servo was placed backwards and got hot and now theres a short across the motor inside the servo. Easy fix is to replace the motor.

    • Hello,
      How do you power your NervoBoard?
      Do you have a voltmeter to check if you have the correct voltage coming to the servo?

      • I power the NervoBoard with a Power Supply that is at 6V Constant. I’m not sure what was the root cause but I was able to replace it with an HS485B with no problem.