• andrew posted an update 6 years, 10 months ago

    hi i wanted the same adruino like the Gael Langevin but i cant find some one knows where can i find if you dont know than please give a link or somthing for very good and cheap adruino . And i wanted ask abot the where can i buy the same servos what he use or give ling too for very good and cheap i dont like made in china but may I will buy. thank you . Have nice day

    • You can get Arduino’s at Amazon or Adafruit. There are literally tons of places in the US to get them. As I said below, just Google these. Hobby King is a good place to look for servos

      • hi thanks i have a question about the adriano what is better what he have on his finger starter or new what they sell i not see much anymore what he have

        • Dude, you already asked the same question 2 days… Perry and Bob have answered you. Just buy one or a couple and be done. No need to be so paranoid about where you buy as even the eBay Chinese copies work fine….