• Marcia Allen posted an update 4 years, 4 months ago


    Would you provide me the details on what kind of flat cables to buy and what type red/black wire to purchase.

    For flat ribbons, I need to know the width and number of strands and length of cables.

    For wire, I need to know what gauge wire to use for electric hookup.

    I want to make sure I purchase the correct thing.


    • Gael,

      I received my nerve board kits. Thanks!

      I see all the connectors are the same size, so does that mean that all the flat ribbon should be the same width, 7 pin?


      • Hello,
        You need some 14 wire ribbon for the connectors.
        What I personnaly do, is buy some 30 wire ribbon and split it manually. It’s cheaper and easier to find on internet.
        10 gauge automotive(black,red) will fit tightly in the XT60 connectors.
        You can get some 12 gauge and will be fine for fitting as well.