• Marten de Groot posted an update 7 years, 9 months ago

    Finally the new ServoBed is done and fits very well.
    For now I’m using a 98mm DogBone drive shaft from a tamiya RC truck.
    Later, I will order this one:

    • Very nice work. I’m waiting to see the fingers and wrist working together. Fantastic

      • Thanks Rodolfo,
        Here a video from this complete setup:

        Tomorrow I will start to connect all the finger fishing-lines to the servo-pulley’s 🙂

        It looks good so far 😉

        • Once again nice work. It would be great to have a printable shaft for the wrist as opposed to a dog bone. Just another part I would have to wait for when I want to try something late at night. I thought you had a different servo offset in your previous vid and didn’t need the universal joint functionality

          • Thanks Perry,

            A printable shaft would be cool, I only think it’s not strong enough !
            And DogBone shafts are very basic parts which are used in RC cars.
            Most local dealers will selling them.

            About the servo, in the first test video I was using a “Low Profile” servo.
            For some reason, these servo’s will not run with a Arduino !
            For this reason I made a other choice and now I’m using a MG996R.

            I don’t have one DogBone shaft whch I need.
            I just ordered one with a length of 110mm.
            Now I’m using a 98mm shaft so that’s why the universal joint is longer and a bit thicker as usual.

            For now it’s running fine.
            Tomorrow it will be a big day 🙂
            I hope to finish the complete hand and see how it runs with the smaller servo’s.

          • Check my last post, to see the full functional Arm/Hand/Fingers:

            I’ve connect all fishing lines to the fingers and the servo’s.All runs more freely and looks OK for me, here the test video with a complete Arm/Hand/Fingers:https://youtu.be/8xlMrEUZBTw[Read more]– Marten de Groot (@mdg_nl) October 7, 2016