• Simon posted an update 9 years, 1 month ago

    It’s starting to look like an Inmoov with a slight modification. I have much more to complete and start the programming. I am enjoying the building.
    Gae,l is they any time frame on the sale of the PCB yet?

    • Woo oo, big head !
      I talked again with the guys from Seed and we should get it started, but I prefer not to say when because I don’t want to disapoint anyone about timing. It was supposed to be on sale for beginning september…

    • Did you finally understand how to use the potentiometers outside the servos or are you still struggling with that?

      • Hi Gael, Yes. I finely got the Potentiometers set correctly. I am finishing the chest prices and still pondering if I want to use the sensors on the fingers. By next weekend I should have movement using scripts.

        Thank you for your help, and as always, keep up your excellent work!