• Mindless posted an update 6 years, 11 months ago

    Hi guy and girls ,, here is a 4 Part Skull and 4 Part Internal Supporting Structure,,,Surprisingly a lot of work to put Inmoov back together,, Largest exterior surface alignment error was 0.3mm during mating process of the smaller sections, the leading edges were removed then hand stitched back together,,the forehead needed a little bit of work to remove the center seam,.which was quite noticeably on previous test prints,,,
    The internal support structure was completely rebuilt based on the original design,,, key mechanical dimensions remain intact,,,the rest of his body is coming along nicely,, will post a pic here and there as he gets printed, (pictures will be will printer fresh with no clean up work done to them,), this project is for Bigbed Printers and to remove as much of the gluing process as possible,,, I will not change the exterior appearance of Inmoov in anyway or key mechanical movement or gear ratios that would require different scripts to be written for movement operations
    Been looking forward to building Inmoov for while a while now…finally got the time


    • Great work. I used your previous version on my head. Really liked the streamlined look.
      Will you post thes files up?

      • Yep,, will post the files when i am happy with the finished results (just about there),,, had to do some touch up work last night on the “eye_glass” so the Mounting system for eyes moves a bit more freely….
        Will post a pic in my album when finished,,

    • Great Mindless!
      Just for info, there is some parts already available in the InMoov derivative collection, but I’m sure you must have seen them already.