• Mindless posted an update 6 years, 11 months ago

    Hello Mr Gael,, The rebuilding and cutting up of Inmove in SketchUp for bigbed printing is coming along nicely,, as I was doing it a though it might be worth taking some pictures of the parts assembled but not cut up for reference for other builders,, as you can see in the posted picture it will give builder a better understanding of how it all comes together,, most of the picture you have are good,, but a couple of extra ones in some areas might be handy,, I will start putting them into a folder and email them to you if you’re interested?.,, that way you can pick out any that might be of use, I really should of asked for you permission first before I started butchering your baby….lol

    • How is it working in SketchUp with the native STL files?

      • Surprisingly well,,, given SketchUp many many flaws and limited tooling, but I can work 10 times faster in it doing non-complex objects,, just finished doing an expansion pack” ericthepoolboy” “Toyota 22RE Engine”
        The engine block and valve head really start to slow down SketchUp-and lost some section during the conversion, but SketchUp is up there with best of them for importing STL, and I’ve tried most software programs- I use” Rhinoceros 5” for some work but it can screw some files up when exporting to SketchUp format,.
        so I just go with the flow and work with what I can get..

    • Thanks for the image. I’m adding it into the tutorial 3Dsketch views. It will certainly help other builders.
      Sketchup works pretty well with STL as long as the files do not have too many vertices. Many CAD softwares like to abuse with curves on all the edges and corners, which creates super heavy STL. Sketchup may then start to be very laggy. My PC is an old Pentium4 and I can open a lot of STL together into sketchup when I create my 3d sketches. It’s a nice and easy software indeed.

    • Hello Mindless,
      Thanks for posting the picture. I have added it to the chest and torso 3D sketch view.
      I see you do not have my ThroatLowerV1.stl, but a variation, which might confuse some builders though.

      • Good eye,,, I forget about that, here’s the correct piece in place,, anything you see that out of place just let me know,,