• Mindless posted an update 6 years ago

    First chest plate with the rebate for the Bearings,,,,

    • Great. But you need a big printer?

      • Ohhh,, I get your get Question now– ,,, I will be re-cutting the Chest plates for 20×20 Beds I done some minor work to them so ill re- upload the new ones once I make sure the bearing are all good ,,, surprisingly the will be backward combatable – this it just a test run ,, they well go in the bin when I’m finished–,,

        • Perry replied 6 years ago

          Damn that is a good print. What are the dims?

          • The Main Bed is 45cmx 28cm – the printing area is 41cm x 24cm — still to small for Inmoov Chest Plates to be Printed in one piece ,,, so I’m half way through building a Printer that will take the Full plates,,