• Mats Önnerby posted an update 7 years ago

    I’m almost finished with the mechanical build and the testing of each servo individally. Next step is to purchase / build and install all the electronics and batteries. The back is still a bit empty.

    • Super cool !!
      Your choice of colors remind me of Leonardo’ super hero:
      How is the Raspi doing for post processing video tracking on MyRobotLab?
      I will post the Back Parts soon…

      • You should post your pictures in your album, you might get featured on the side page.

      • I get about 2 FPS when doing facetracking. That is good enough, however I also get 5 seconds latency, and that a bit to much. I have tried using the camera outside MRL and I get good results from the camera. I can stream at about 30 fps about .2 s latency. That is good. I had a problem that took me some time to figure out. The java runtime that gets installed in the latest release of the OS for the PI is slow. Then I installed java runtime from Oracle, I got 8 times better performance. I’m trying to understand if the performance problem is with OpenCV or somewhere else. So I also test using “C” python ( not jython as MRL use ). Still more testing to do before I can make any conclusion.
        I built a simple servo shield for the Arduino today, so I will soon be able to test everything together, except the hands.
        Back parts would be great, because it easier to avoid interference when I know what space they will occupy. But I also know how much time it takes to design/redesign and print. Most of my changes required 2 or 3 iterations before I was happy. I probably have more unused parts than I have used in the robot 🙂

        • I would love to have this on my desk, I only have a head so far, and that’s controlled by LEGO

        • I also realised some time ago that using the latest version of MRL which uses OpenCV 3.0 that I would get a low fps result. I was recently mentionning that to Grog and he said he would digg into it.
          So, using the Lenovo tablet touchpad with the version 1.0.107 gets me with a a fps of approximately 30.
          Using the version 1.0.954, gets me to a 7/10 fps.