• Rosario posted an update 7 years, 8 months ago

    Excuse me. but I translated with Google translated. I do not want offerndere your language.
    Ok, thanks for your replies. I only speak Italian.
    I have to admit that she pushes me to continue. The hardware Inmoov is complete. With programming in Visual Basic 2015 and the 84-channel interface, Imoov is fully functional, MOOV moves well. When with Myrobotlab 1.0.99 inseriscoquesti 4 services individually work perfectly (Inmoov, inmoovarm, inmoovHand, inmoovhead) the software works well, except tracking.il software InMoov2.ful2 complete no. I thought since enthusiast A.I. and programming and AIML with hardware HER, I could push me to do in my environment interact Imoov applying AIML. I am convinced that this product could be of great momentum eg the lonely and in need of companionship, interaggire with the human being is possible. Thanks to its important fragments of time dedicated to me. Commendable his extraordinary commitment.