• Put together another video this time a brief introduction in creating Gestures using the “Capture Gesture” command

  • Mat Prentis posted a new activity comment 3 years, 7 months ago

    Thanks Ray. Yes picked the accent I’m a fellow Aussie.

    • Nice video @ozzytrooper 🙂

      And single headers you can break them easy by hand.
      Double or more rows, you will need some tools to cut them.
      For the 14-pin flat-cable connector, I’m using a small vice.
      Most people will have this or something look like this.

  • If I may share two video tutorial that I recently made.
    The first is electrical and electronics using Nervo boards it also covers how to us the 6V supply to power the Kinect.
    Second video is all about installing and configuring mrl.

    • You sound like a fellow Aussie 🙂
      Good to see a standard build electronics wiring.
      I’m working on a non standard setup, but there are a lot more people needing to see the standard setup.