• Perry posted an update 7 years, 1 month ago

    Here is my version of the forearm. Basically trying the same as Marten. I wanted a straight run for the tendons so I would not need the tensioning spring system. Kept Gael’s servo holder and guide system. Also the wrist drive is in line and not offset which I think makes it a little more robust. Used a slimmed down version of Marten’s pulleys.

    Here’s my version of an alternate forearm. Standard servos and relocated wrist servo with no tensioning.

    • Looks awesome Perry !
      It’s a nice option to use the default servo’s 🙂

      And are you happy with the mechanical results ?
      For you it’s better to see and feel the results instead of the default setup 🙂

      • Thanks Marten. I like it a lot. There is still a bit of tuning to do but the geometries are good and the wrist rotation is solid. I may still put an inline tension spring in place but not sure. Time will tell if it is needed.

    • Great Perry, I see that there is many inventors around!