• Ray Edgley posted an update 5 years, 11 months ago

    This being my first post here, I must thank Gael for all his work on this project that he has made freely available and more importantly the foundation of this community.

    5 Weeks in the making, it is soooo painful waiting for the 3D printer.

    I do have a query, has anyone else had trouble with the InMoov scripts not using the config files for the skeleton servo limit and rest position’s?
    Also does anyone know how to change the device path for each of the servos?

    I’m using a Raspberry Pi 3 as the main controller for now with 3 PCA9685 16 channel 12 bit PWM servo controllers via the I2C bus on the RPi3.
    1 for the head and body plus one each for the hands, elbow and bicep rotator.

    I also have plans to use 2 ADS1115 16 bit 4 channel analog input module for the finger sensors.
    One in each forearm.

    So far using python script in MRL I have been able to run all the Hitec HS-805BB that i have modified and installed, still waiting on all of the smaller servos for the fingers and jaw.

    As the servos I have came with the square pots in side, the option to rotate the pot to match the default settings in the InMoov don’t work for me, particularly the omoplate servos.
    When I try to run the InMoov sh in MRL the default settings are used instead of the settings in the .config files. Have I missed something?
    Any help would be appreciated

    • You have hit the same problem as I have. The InMoov services are made specifict to use Arduinos. I discussed this with GroG last weekend, and I learned how they can be changed to make it possible to use the type of configuration that you have. The problem with making that change is that it’s difficult to make that change, and still keep backward compability. I have a similar configuration to what you have. Currently I can’t use the InMoov scripts, but made my own set of scripts. But they are not at all as advanced. 5 weeks build time. That’s impressive. Really nice build. It would be nice to see the back of your InMoov build.

    • Hello Mats,
      Your timing is incredible, I have just did-assembled half my robot to start installing the top stomach. In the photo above you may notice the pistons on the table already printed. Yesterday, all the small servos arrived, so I now have the jaw working and have mounted the 6 servos in the left hand.
      In a day or two when I have Fred (Frequently Re-Engineered Device) back together, I will take more photos including the back.
      I currently have no covers for the back, that is still to come.

      I would like to see your scripts to see if I can adapt them to Fred, I am however still on the step end of learning Python script, but that’s part of what this project is about, Learning…