• Ray Edgley posted an update 6 years, 4 months ago

    2 out of 3 Raspberry Pi 3’s installed in the head.

    • That’s alot of pi! Is fitting a third in there possible? Looks great though, very clean setup in that limited space.

      • It is possible to fit the third one and then i still have to work out how I want to split the processing load across them.
        As Gael said somewhere on this site, the RPi even the Model 3 still is not quite powerful enough, but they are cheap enough to add multiple so speed up processing, paralleled processing if you will…

        • You could put one PI in the body to connect to the Kinect or just give him a gut feeling. Nice HAT on the PI.

          • The HAT on the PI is the Adafruit 16 Channel servo driver. Also breaks out the Pi Header and is where I grabbed the 5V from to run the other Pi.