• Reece posted an update 7 years, 7 months ago

    I’ve been working on truing up the Torso plates to get them to align better using a parametric modeler. Hopefully that will make adjustments easier and actuate. Here’s where I am so far. I’m trying to keep the parts as close to the originals as I can for this exercise.

    • It seems very good Reece!
      I wonder if OnShape can open the more sculptured shapes like the for arms cover?

      • I think that a function called “loft” would be the tool for the task. It would involve sketching the profiles at various points along the arm then lofting through them.
        I have been using the plates from the torso as templates to “extrude” new parts. This has then allowed me to align the various openings and made these uniform in size. With no known dimensions I’m having to make educated guesses as to which measurements are datum and which ones are relative. I have a jig that I’m locating the parts to so that I don’t move the features that need to line up with others.