• @admin
    The previous nervo board that you have sent to me seems to be taking very long to come. Is it possible for you to send me another one express courier as I need it in about two days, it is Important for me to get it as I need it for a very important event in school. I am ready to pay for the second one along with the express courier…[Read more]

    • Hello Rishabh,
      The Nervo board you ordered on the 10/09/17 was posted on the 13/09/17.
      It’s been 8 days since the shipping was done. Of course the fact you forgot to put your post code in your adress, might take a while and if they cannot find you, they while (if all goes good) return the package to sender. We can expect a delay of three months in…[Read more]

  • @Gael Langevin
    Hi everybody!
    I have ordered my nervo board with components and it shows it has been shipped 10 days ago, but from the past 5 days the status has not updated on tracking. I am also worried as I have not mentioned my P.O box number which is required in my country for post, but not for packages coming from courier. Please…[Read more]

    • Hello,
      Most shipping are done through regular post, unless the country has serious issues with postage. (South Africa, China, and some others) I then need to require a courier which add extra cost to the buyer unfortunately.
      Your country is normally working well through normal post, but I am mostly concerned if you forgot to add the zip code.
      We…[Read more]