• Stefan Ekstam posted an update 3 years, 4 months ago

    I realized that the Lenovo Thinkpads were no longer possible to buy new in any Swedish stores. Thanks to eBay I managed to get one from Germany though. After almost bricking it by upgrading to Windows 10 in a nonstandard way, I have not got it working. It’s time to download MyRobotLab and start printing out the new back parts! 🙂

    • Hmm, I meant I have *now* got it working. 🙂

      • Great! For sure bricking the tablet would be a waist…
        I haven’t tried to upgrade my 2 tablets but since it is working fine under Windows 8, I don’t want to take the risk to brick them.

        • If you should ever try, and get stuck, I could probably help you out. 🙂 After my adventure with the almost bricked computer, I’m now an expert on the Lenovo Thinkpad 8. I contacted both Lenovo’s local repair agent, and Lenovo’s official technical support when I couldn’t make the computer respond, but none of them could help, interestingly enough. In the end I had to do it myself, and that is, as always, the best way to learn.