• Stefan Ekstam posted an update 8 years ago

    Just got going with the InMoov. My 3D printer is working day and night printing the right hand and wrist parts. Lots of servos ordered from HobbyKing. Just ordered two Nervo Boards from the InMoov shop. I hope to have both arms printed when they arrive. 🙂

    • Fantastic!
      Hobbyking must wonder why they sell sooo many HK15298B since three years…

      • I bet! And thank you for initiating and continuing this project. I had huge problems with my 3D printer, and was getting ready to return it to the store. Then I found the InMoov project, and realized I simply had to get the printer working just to be able to build my own robot. And two days later I had fixed almost all of the problems and decided to keep the printer. So thanks again! 🙂

        • Hi Stefan. Depending on your printer and the material you use, you may have to scale the parts. I suggest that you start printing either the Fingertester part of the Fingerstarter or the Servobed from the Hand. That way you can test how well the servos fit. If they don’t fit, the use the slicer to scale the object so that they fit. I print with PLA and I scale every part 1% larger. It’s a bit annoying to print many parts, and then find out that the servos dont fit.

          • Thanks for the tip! I will print the Servobed to check this as soon as possible. The servos have not arrived yet, and the final parts of the right hand and arm will be printed this weekend, so I’ll just have to hope that the parts I have printed so far will not be completely unusable… I’m using ABS by the way, since that was Gael’s recommendation.