• Stefan Ekstam posted an update 4 years, 3 months ago

    Report from the trenches: The right hand is coming along well. Today I had my first shortcircuit which caused a minor fire on my desk, but everything went ok in the end. Better not get too sloppy when working on a project like this. 🙂

    I will have to reprint the fingers, since they tend to break far too easily when I try to redrill the holes for the finger hinges.

    • Short circuits even with low power can set fire!!
      I’m glad you got away with it!
      These (below)are settings I use for to print the fingers, but you might want to go with a 100% infill depending on your material and printer.
      Print wriargeV3, wristsmallV3,thumb4 with an infill of 30%, 3 shells, best with no support, no raft.
      Print auriculaire3,index3,majeure3,ringfinger3 with an infill of 30%, 1 shell, best with no support, no raft.
      Print robpart2V3, robpart3V3, robpart4V3, robpart5V3 with an infill of 30%, 3 shell, best with raft.
      Print coverfinger with an infill of 30%, 3 shells, with support.

      • Yes, I have followed your recommended settings fully. I’m using a FlashForge Dreamer 3D printer with ABS, and this is the first time I have had a problem. I have now reprinted the fingers with 3 shells instead of 1, and I’m ready to retry the drilling later today.
        I’m impressed with the quality of the InMoov model. When assembling the wrist everything came together just brilliantly. I’m very eager to try the finger wiring, but I’m still waiting for my 0.8mm fishing line to arrive. I do have some 0.4mm braided 100 lbs line, but do you think there’s a chance of that to work, or should I continue waiting for the real stuff?

        • Awesome, nothing better than your own settings!
          0.4mm will do the job, but might carve in the plastic after a lot of usage.
          One of the InMoov hand I made was exposed in Paris Tokyo exhibit for nearly two months working everyday from 10 AM to 12PM, the 0,8mm braided line didn’t carve in the plastic, I was pretty surprised about that.

          • Ah yes, I was afraid that carving of the plastic would be a problem. I’ll use my 0.4mm for the simpler finger tester then, just to be able to test something. 🙂
            Quite impressive that the hand could do that much work without breaking. You’re clearly in the industrial quality segment here. 🙂