• yash vaidya posted an update 6 years, 2 months ago

    Hey ..!
    I am printing the hand and forearm and the guy who is printing said that 3 shells will mess up the dimentions and recommended me to go with one shell. what should i do?

    I am totally new to 3D printing…

    • You need the recommended 3 shells for strength.
      Running with 1 shell will reduce the filament usage and reduce the print time.
      If the guy said the dimension will be messed up, then he doesn’t have his slicer program setup correctly.
      Most likely over extruding.

    • My printing guy said that the cost will be doubled if i go with 3 shells.
      I want to know if i will be able to make the hand grip something with 1 shell.
      P.s. I am a student so i just want to make the hand for demonstration.

      • Sounds like you need a new printing guy. 3 shells are necessary for strength. I did not even know you could print with one shell. Look around for someone better.