• Wally posted an update 6 years, 3 months ago

    Anyone have a list of the various stl part weights? Both abs and pla would be nice.

    • How would this be possible to answer… I mean since it would depend on infill % of each part… You really need to ask it this way… at say 50% infill, how much does “x” part way in PLA in ABS

      • Infill won’t be enough, what is your nozzle size and how many outline/perimeter shells do you intend to use? I assume it will be hard to find somebody who has all the parts separated or kept track of filament usage.
        Another issue is failing parts. As most of the parts are individual you might need several attempts to print them successfully. And another issue is how repetitive your printer is, how good a 3d printer you are etc. etc. etc.
        For the bot without legs I estimate something between 15 and 30 kg of filament, depending on above factors.

        • Your slicer should tell you the amount of filament used and you can get the part weight for from that. You will have to do the work though. That way you will have exact weight for your print settings

      • Hay Guy”s,,, Here is a Piece of software from a Crazy Ukraine Dude that build a 3DPlatform just for that Purpose – Nice Bloke – check it out here – Well worth learning how to use it,,,


        And here’s his Thingiverse account- https://www.thingiverse.com/Trigubovich/about