InMoov Bicep assembly

inmoov bicep assembly

bicep assembly


Bicep exploded. Thanks to Anar for this colored sketchup (


Bicep. Thanks to Anar for this colored sketchup (


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    Could it be that the 2nd and 3rd scatch are a little bit confusing ? the elbowshaftgear and gear holder should be on the otherside…shoulnd they? as there is only one version of lowarmsideV1 i cant think a way to insert the potentiometer from this side…

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    Hi, Stefan
    I agree with you about the gear holders for the bicep. Mine are both on the right-side for both arms (when you look at the robot from the back). The above diagram seems to be reversed. There didn’t seem to be any other way to install the pot-holders in the arm parts. They work okay.

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