Finally have been able to upload “thumb5” and “leftthumb5” on thingiverse.

By the way, I made a modification on “bolt_entretoise1” to “bolt_entretoise2” because the previous version had oversized bolts in length, I expected people to just cut them. But seeing pictures from the builders, I realized it confused somehow their assembly. I also added a fastening ring for the bolt that goes in the wrist.

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  1. I put together the left hand. Another poster had noted that the ring and small finger (smlwrist) seem to be backwards. They do bend backwards and not toward the palm. I’ll have to cut and screw to make work.

    Say, I tried to e-mail you the other day and it bounced saying my IP/email was banned from your address.

    Regards, Brian – Pittsburgh
    bstott2002 at yahoo dot com

    • Hi Brian,
      No this is meant to be like that, the previous version was going too far closing, getting majeurefinger stucked with ringfinger, specially when the tips where finally glued And it won’t open backwards once the “topsurface” will be in place.
      If once all mounted they still don’t close enough, you just have to cut a little bit the restrainers inside the hand.
      Don’t worry I din’t ban you from my mailing list.

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