Today was a big day, I finally got the new Arduino, unfortunatly it isn’t the Uno that I ordered but the Mega. Well it means I can put even more servos in the beast!
So after waiting such a long time, now time for testing, because I had serious doubts about the strength of the servos Hitec HS 805BB. The piston I have designed is obviously something that use a lot of torque, if I could work out to make “supermodified” servos all my doubts would vanish. I have not enough electronic knowledge  for to do that yet. 
Anyway I was happily surprised when I first plugged the arm and saw that it actually pulled up the whole thing at once. 

It makes me want to go further in the design. 

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  1. Well, your obvious lack of ignorance is displaying your intelligence. The project is real history and future making. I am happy to follow your project with the building of your copy here in Pittsburgh.

    I apologize for my lack in keeping up. I stopped to look at your blender files and got stumped by the blender software. I am also not connecting my fingers to the installed servos, yet. I’m reviewing revision ideas and new materials for the production prints. 😉

    I’d like to suggest, for the hand, placing elevated servo supports on the lower forearm. This would move the two cover servos to the bottom forearm. This way the servos can be stationary for easier finger ligament installation, layout, tensioning, and maintenance. The cover would then, be – a cover.

    What a neat guy with a really neat idea and real results!

    Regards, Brian.

    • Hi, Brian
      Thanks for the comments, Too bad your hand isn’t fonctional yet, because it’s fun once it starts to actuate. Anyway, I’m sure someday it will be ready. About your suggestion, you are totally right, it would be much easier to use the covers as “covers” and not as “servo brackets covers”. Since I’m planning to re-model the robpart1 for to get a 180° degree wrist turn, I might get up to that update you suggest.

  2. Thanks for the Arm cover changes, the new wrist and the upgraded fingers. I’m done today – Saturday, June 30, 2012 – with the printing of all the V3 Left Hand/Forearm parts. And I was having so much fun with the printer printing well that I printed the wrist upgrade for my V1/2 Right Hand too. Plus, after watching your videos again I see what made my life more difficult. You smartly hard mount the control lines to the servos THEN string them up to the finger tips and tie off. I was doing it in reverse which made it more troublesome adjusting the proper tensions and getting access to the servo horns. The obvious, once you see, how to do it better. Thanks much!

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