Although the article isn’t about InMoov but about Artificial intelligence I appreciate the idea.

What I don’t appreciate though, is that the picture they used is copyrighted from Getty Image and it gives no attribution to InMoov.  I remember very well who took that picture in London. Almost everybody would ask the permission to take pictures of the robot, but this photographer did not, it was a professional because he had set his camera on foot and away enough so I wouldn’t remark him.

That same night the picture was for sale on Getty Image with under text saying: An employee talking with the robot InMoov.  🙁

InMoov on New Yorker

Link to the article

Adafruit has granted InMoov being the top ten coolest stuff to print of 2013 !!

InMoov top ten of the 3d printables 2013 by Adafruit

Link to the article



You might see a lots of comments and posts in Portugues recently. Well, this is due to a Brezilian Globo TV show  called Fantastico, that talked about Robohand, Brancante Gustavo using the InMoov hand for prosthetic purpose and tests. I was surprised when the program contacted me because they wanted to do an interview in Paris. We did that the day before Christmas with their “Envoyé Speciale” based in France.

Link to the video



To finish this post, I had a few days of vacation and guess what I did?

I worked on the new InMoov prosthetic hand. I printed new parts and modified  a lot of the design. So many hours, I’m always amazed how time just passes by when you work in 3 dimension. You can go so deep into details that at the end, those details won’t even be seen in the prints.

Details!! Yeah I did something funny by the way, one part of the InMoov robot has an encryption hidden in the print. Since you can go very, very deep into details you can easily burry some logo or drawing… A message in the bottle.


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