Thanks to Leonardo, we have a superb website which will let us get more features then the blog.

Leonardo, an Italian InMoov builder in his spare time, and a great musician, has been working since june to get this up, it has been a long task because every pictures, every tutorials, every posts had to be copied or linked to the site.
He has created a set of tabs with more functions and sub-tabs. A new look to get easier access to whatever you look for.

One of the main reason for to move to a site was a to be able to upload builders creations. For that we needed space on servers allowing us to store data.
Leonardo is also going to the Makerfaire in Roma with me and he has uploaded his videos and pictures of his InMoov.

So make sure to check the Community tab and start to upload your creativity.

I will be closing the tabs of the forum when I’m sure everything works on the Website correctly, there is no point to keep everything double.

Storing data allowed us to get something I was dreaming of for InMoov .

Anar, a French InMoov builder that plans to make the robot serve beer to his friends, has been searching the net and trying all kinds of free and Open source software to get us some 3D interactif sketchs directly viewable on the website.
This is amazing you can have access to all names of parts, and select each oneview them or hide them. Each sketch as two views, the default is with connected parts but the second view is exploded, so you can see how parts have to be assembled together. Man how fun is that!

One  problem we can’t solve for now is to be able to add derivatives. This has to do with the exportation to the PDF, somehow we lose all hierarchy on the scenes.
PS: Just got an email from Anar during the time I’m writing this post, he got the solution for to create Hierarchy in the PDF files.

So make sure to check the Assembly tab to get a cool glance at these 3D Sketchs.

We had to make the site secured so please register if you want to share your pictures with us and I will be reactif to count you as members.

Getting ready for the MakerFaire in Roma is a run against the clock.

I wanted to work on the legs and keep design it but I had to reason  myself and focus on something that could be done within the few days available I have during this month of september. So I worked on the chest parts, and the Kinect final mounting. I really don’t like that Kinect, it’s huge, flat and very difficult to set within a restrained space.

I designed the Kinect surroundings two times and I’m still not happy about it. It might look on the picture as if it’s only placed under, but there is actually a real casing to hold the Kinect. Anyway, I said I would add a Kinect, I add a Kinect. We will see later what can be done about it. Maybe I should just tear it apart and use the minimum stuff required to make it work. But I’m thinking of other builders that might get slap by their children if they start to dismantle the Kinect game station on the house.

As you may see on the picture the bottom parts of the chest are more yellow than the rest. Mmmh, I had a job for which I had to work with some gold powder, that stuff flied all over my workshop and of course ended up on the roll of ABS.  Now InMoov is worth a lot of money, I have found a way to print with gold. Actually it looks more dirty than fancy!

I really want to put some of the chest parts to download but it takes time upload and get all the instructions ready, so it might be after the Makerfaire.  There is many new parts and it will be a big job to put them all up on Cubehero and Thingiverse.

I also want to thanks the generous donators without whom this site wouldn’t exist.

Check this, that’s why sharing is cool, it ‘s a seed.



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