Thanks to everybody for participating to this fantastic event!

More than 15 000 visitors this year! The event was taking place in the old Philips


Below is a sneak view of InMoov and MyRobotLab booth during the event,


Opening the Makerfaire with the Meneer John Jorritsma, Mayor of Eindhoven city.


Participating on our booth, we had the pleasure to host:

-Anthony Gallo

-Bruno Falcon

-Dominiek Leliaert

-Fabrice Berneau

-Greg Perry

-Leon Van der Horst

-Marten de Groot

-Mats Orneby and his wife

-MaVo and his father

-Michael Hayward

-Sebastien Bonnifet

-Wilco van Toorn



two-bionic-hand stand-inmoov-01 rachel-parle-hollandais rachel-demo  fafa-airwin-inmoov bruno-wiring-inmoov-handanthony-voucher airwin-back mavo-mrlinmoov-leg marteen leon-airwin

greg-gael-mrl-conferencegael-greg-mrlinmoov-stand inmoov-team

And of course, there was plenty of other incredible things!

 sculpture-cheval-metal rocket robots-geants robot-recup robot-MIR robot-footballerturtle-robot-project robot-de-combat microbit-realisation-enfant microbit-bbc maker-en-action maker-01 iron-dog-mechatronics impression-2d-tableaux freerk-wieringa-robot freerk-robot-arm byor-craft-pack-dog bras-robot-cobot bras-robot-abb-beton avant-voiture-radio

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