• Caleb posted an update 7 years, 3 months ago

    Getting the shipment of servos for our InMoov was like Christmas coming early!

    • luky ….

    • Oh my!!

      • Is a pleasure To meet you, I have a question: Does The servo HK15298B is equivalent to Hitec 33322S HS-322HD Standard Deluxe Karbonite Gear Servo, as show it in your picture? ?????

        • Hey Rodolfo. I know you replied to Gael, but I just wanted to say that the HK1529B has equal (and in some cases, better) specs than the HS-322HD. It should work fine. That being said, I haven’t personally tested them, so I can’t attest to the quality of servo.

          • Really my question was to you Celeb. Many Thanks for your fast reply Already I’m waiting my first hk15298b servos, but here in spain is easier get the hi tec servos. But as you said the hk is better that hs, then I will continue using the hk because I’m not expert servos user to configure and hack another ones than are not in inmoov tutorials . My respect and my best wishes for a very succesful work on your inmoov