• Timothy posted an update 5 years ago

    Can someone suggest an alternative to the 3mm filament for the pins on the hand? My filament is 1.75mm and hate to buy a roll of 3 mm just for this. Thanks!

    • Hi Tim,
      Here’s an alternative approach:

    • Hi Timothy, if you are in the UK I can post you some? regards, Lorn

    • …or, if you want to stick with the original design then you could try this:

      • Perry replied 5 years ago

        I had the same ‘problem’.
        Solution, print some 3mm rods and use those. A 100mm rod will do a hand I think. Insert into the joint and trim. Or print them individually.

    • juerg replied 5 years ago

      I assume any builder with 3mm filament will be glad to send you a stretch that is long enough for the fingers. post your snake mail address – postage might be the cost factor!

      • I used 3mm line trimmer line from the hardware. its cheap and works well

        • That’s a great idea,,,,, I found knitting Needles in the $2 Shop,,,which are 2.8mm and $2.50 a set,,,, I didn’t even think of pulling a bit of cord off my whipper snipper,,,, lol

          • Oh Yeah that’s right,,, I kept with the Knitting Needles because of the Type of Plastic—It’s Extremely hard you can use on Micro Lathe or Drill Press for Shaping ( not just for finger pins) I’m 99% sure it’s Acetate plastic,,,,

            • Simon replied 5 years ago

              Like Ray said , I bought trimmer line used in a weedeater and it worked really well