• Marten de Groot posted an update 7 years, 9 months ago

    I’ve connect all fishing lines to the fingers and the servo’s.
    All runs more freely and looks OK for me, here the test video with a complete Arm/Hand/Fingers:

    • That is awesome. No tensioning spring is the best feature! I guess you could add a tension spring like you had in your single finger tutorial.
      I think this is pretty innovative which begs the question what does the rest of your bot look like?

      • Hi Perry,
        Yes for sure I will include the springs which I’m using with my Finger_Starter kit.
        This makes programming a closed position more easy and they are to safe the servo mechanical way 🙂

    • Very nice Marten!
      It’s very interesting to see how you managed the wrist servo, I guess we could add a second servo for wrist abduction. That would be a great extra feature. (Hand Mini breakout Nervo Boards and Nervo boards would need to be transformed and all scripts and gestures as well though…)
      Will you test it running continuously full 10 hours for a few days to see if the motors can stand the stress? I only discovered that MG995 were burning during Makerfaires, ahaha!
      Question, why didn’t you use my latest files for wrist and the forarm?

      • Hi Gaël,

        I’m happy with this update, it helps a lot to run all the fishing lines more freely !
        If the small servo’s are still a life after a stress test…
        There is more space left for other functions.
        For the stress test I need to make a nice script or better just use a simple Ardiuno random sketch.
        So I don’t need a laptop to be on all the time 🙂

        If you like the Wrist update idea, I think there could be something more cleaned up in the Wrist part.
        I don’t now if I can dow this with my skills !

        About your last question, this low arm and hand where printed two years ago !
        (just after our meetup in Paris Maker Faire)
        For my new project (a complete InMoov) I’m sure I will use all updated parts.