• Ray Edgley posted an update 5 years, 11 months ago

    Coming up on 6 weeks, the Top Stomach parts have been the biggest challenge so far.
    Parts were very tight, then one of the wire came off the servo pot, worked during testing, but not after assembly. Bummer.
    Have now mounted the servo’s in the left hand, will have to work on the fingers next.
    Can’t install the Neo Pixels yet, turns out it not possible if you have forgotten to order it… 🙁
    I’ve included a photo of the back at Mats request, I’ve also included a rear photo from yesterday after Mats request…
    Main gear is still printing. I like the back cover Perry has done so will have to look at it for Fred (Frequently Re-Engineered Device).

    Has anyone successfully tracked the wires down though the Bicep Rotator yet without the elbow piston hitting them?

    • I am unable to snake my wires through there. The piston interferes. I have them bundled though and might have to unbundle them so they can fit. I am using servo extension leads though and not ribbon cable.

      • Wow, the cables fit through the gap. What happens when you rotate the arm? The arm cables have always been an issue on my InMoov, have run the forearm & hand in sleeving externally, but the shoulder cabling is still a mess.
        Great pictures, looking really good Ray

        • The cable relative to the shoulder moves in the gap, the cables relative to the bicep are stationary. The elbow piston clears the ribbon cable by a 2 mm inside the gear, gets a bit closer outside the gear on the bicep end but still clears it just.