• Ray Edgley posted an update 2 years, 6 months ago

    Seems I keep getting questions on Fred’s Power Systems.
    Lets try and explain it a bit better 🙂

    • Fred is going great and you have really helped a lot understand how to assemble an inmoov. It also shows, one should feel completely comfortable modding it. This child needs to mutate and change over generations to survive.

      • Modding also makes you go further in to the learning of how things work 🙂
        Good news is there are a lot of Inmoov builders that bring knowledge to the group so we can all learn.
        Most of the printed mods in Fred were created by other talented builders.
        I am working on the power distribution and a different control system, but trying to make sure my program is as backwards compatible as possible.

        The program I’m running in Fred, is still in development, but is based on MRL still.
        You can get a look at it on Github.