• smattachai.p posted an update 4 years, 10 months ago


    I found that my InMoov robot under EZPad Mini 5 tablet was a little bit slow response.

    1. Is there a better performance table that anyone ever tried?

    2. Or do we need to use NUC instead. And if need, where is the place to put NUC in robot? And how to make the wireless connection with tablet?



    • Hello,
      I haven’t found a better tablet than the Lenovo Thinkpad 8″ which had 128Gb ssd and 4Gb Ram to fit in the back of InMoov. Unfortunately you cannot buy this model anymore.
      The EZPad Mini 5 is certainly lacking of memory, this must be the reason it’s a bit slow with responses.
      When I use the NUC in connection with the tablet, I start the NUC with a Windows hotspot, this way I can connect to it via Teamviewer.
      The process is not as easy as it seems because Windows 10 hotspot has some issues and doesn’t always start properly, therefore I had to create a script to force Windows to launch a dedicated hotspot.
      Currently I have set the NUC and it’s casing on the battery door, not inside the robot but outside, this saves the possibility to still use the battery. I have seen other members setting the NUC motherboard inside the battery compartment.