• smattachai.p posted an update 4 years, 3 months ago

    Installing 2 alternatives of power supplies:
    1- from DC power supply 220AC/12DC
    2- from battery 6V/12Ah
    3- connect the battery charging line
    (Can charge battery without take the battery out of InMoov)

    Import***: (To prevent short circuit)

    1. You can select only single power supply either from battery (SW1) or DC power supply unit (SW2) at the operating time.

    2. SW3 will switch on only SW1 and SW2 were switched off for the battery charging propose only.

    • Hello,
      This a nice way to set up the power and the charger for battery.
      I had a plan to combine a single power source to do both actions by itself, But after waisting time trying to figure how to proceed with relays I went on working on something else.
      Sometimes a simple switch gets the job done better than a complex relay+circuit board, especially if you lack of time.
      Thanks for the example.