• smattachai.p posted an update 4 years, 5 months ago

    I reinstall many time of MRL InMoov when IMoov error. After install last time, i found that InMoov lost to answer anythings which he could find from internet to answer to me as before. Are there suggestion to solve this things my friends? Thank you.

    • Hello,
      You do not need to re install everytime you get an error.
      If you want to re install, create a new directory as for example:
      And install inside the new directory. This way you can keep the other version with all your settings.
      Since the 13/02/20, I also noticed that the non local (ask.pannous server) request are broken. I really hope Pandorabot will fix the server because we have currently on Manticore no option to fix that.
      This is not a MyRobotLab issue. When the chatbot doesn’t have a local answer, it goes on internet to find the answer via the ask.pannous server from Pandorabot.
      It’s the same if you rely on a Google api, and Google decides to stop that api, suddenly your previously working Phone App is not working anymore.

      • Hello,
        Good news, the ask.pannous server is back up and working again. Request can be done on the internet.
        To test, you can ask the robot for example: How much is 46 + 586 ?