We have been invited to Rennes by Inria for the 2014 Fossa Edition to present the new InMoov2 hand and to make a conference about InMoov and how Open Source Robots can evolve in our society.

Thanks to Stephane Ribas!


Watching the video of the conference, I can’t say I like it. But hey, this is also new to me, so let me experiment and learn to get better at it.

I had the opportunity to see and get apersonal demonstration of Romeo robot. It was interesting.



Doing a selfy with Romeo. His eyes were broken for some reason.


InMoov2 Hand

I finally understood how to solve the issue with my script, now all the fingers can move and the rotation of the thumb works. It will be now interesting to test it with Advancer Technologies muscle sensors. Because the FabLab of Rennes hasn’t the InMoov2 hand ready with connections inside, I took mine to the event LeWeb in Paris.


At Le Web, I’m demonstrating the InMoov2 hand with all fingers working to Nicolas:


Later with great help of Hackerloop, Nicolas and Corentin managed to control the InMoov1 hand with a MYO armband.

Myo Armband controlling InMoov prosthetic version 1

In Mumbai India for the Tech Fest. Mounting it to the socket arm of Nicolas Huchet was a matter of a few minutes, and with the codes I had written, Nicolas could use it, through keyboard, to shake people’s hands.

A big moment!!



Geek so In by Intel

We also got invited to the Geek so In night organized by INTEL in Paris. I met very interesting people for maybe future events.



Tech Fest India

Thanks to Ashrith for inviting me, Nicolas and Marc to the TechFest.

Thanks to Aatur, Allan, Bhavya for organizing this trip and being so kind and helpfull during those 6 days.

Thanks to Sandrine Maximillien of the French Embassy, who has made it possible to get my passport and visa in time. And also managed for me to bring InMoov in my luggage.

More than 90 000 visitors in three days went through this tent. You can only imagine how intense this was. The Tech Fest is a free entrance event, anybody from India can come. The crowd was so huge that every 2 minutes, it was a new load of 30 people to whom we had to explain what is InMoov, Bionico, Open Source, 3D printer, robot and prosthetic.

After the 3 days, Nicolas and I were totally washed out, but happy to have done it!!






Nicolas explaining the project to the crowd, we would relay ourselves, because it was not possible to maintain the rythme alone for the whole day.


If you watch the below video, you will have a little idea of the noise, I am surprised that InMoov would respond pretty well to my voice commands. When there is music, like at the New York Makerfaire, it becomes very hard to control the robot.



Many, many students are coming to this event from various places of India.


Nicolas Huchet, Marc Adergal and I, just before the opening.



The Riidl Automated Chess Team was getting interviewed for Television.

Chess pic new



Once the Tech Fest was over, I had a day off. So I went with Aatur, Allan and Bhavya to their University to make a conference about InMoov and the Open Source.




Students at the University are assembling my InMoov for the conference. It was interesting to see other persons doing it.  From being dismantled and in my suitcases, the robot was re-assembled and fully working in 45 minutes.


Some students are already there to watch the assembly before the conference.


The previous night I had managed to get InMoov to speak in Indies which caused great hilarity during the conference.


The girls Team.



Aatur, Allan and Bhavya took me for sight seeing into Mumbai for the rest of the afternoon and night.




Later we met Nicolas and Marc for diner.


Next morning, I took my plane back to Paris. The recently inaugurated (2014) airport of Mumbai is a beauty of architecture. Regrettably, it is a very high contraste of technicity and money compared to many parts of Mumbai. I wonder how many families could have lived and eaten with it’s cost…