This thing was made for my previous torso and someone on the forum requested it for download.
Unfortunatly the torso has been redesigned since then. 
So tonight I pulled myself on the front of the screen, launched Blender and modeled this new part.
Never tried it though, so use it carefully.
It’s the green part on the picture, handy stuff, you can now set InMoov on a broomstick.
Ahh, I wish it could already clean up my shop!!

Stand HolderV2 

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  1. I saw the video of you imparting vocal command to the robot .. position 1 2 3 … also “welcome” “rest” “surrender” …

    Could you programme it to execute the movement for the sign of “PEACE” with one of his arm raised and palm facing forward like depicted on the golden plates attached to the Voyager interstellar probes :

    That would be great !

  2. Hi Beckie,
    You could start by looking atthe last issue of MAKE Magazine, they compare about 10 differents 3D printers and prices. The lowest price according to them is around 450 dollars, if I remember correctly.
    Searching on the net will lead you to many sellers.

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