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October 2016 : press release
Ouest-France August 2016:
Another French school that starts the built of InMoov:
Article after Futurapolis presentation:
EEC 2015 Bilbao:
Spanish Articles after Makerfaire Bilbao 2015
MakerFaire Roma 2015 Articles, Press and TV:
Derivative of InMoov hand (fingers) on Github:
Apero Robot à Brest:
InMoov Keynote at MINTREK in Tempere Finland 23/09/2015
Toulouse Le Point, Futurapolis:
MakerFaire Berlin 2015:
InMoov in Russia Face and Smile recognition:
Mini Makerfaire Eindhoven CityTV
French article which does a good synthesis
Article with a picture of InMoov
InMoov à Brest (Bretagne, France)
A student that “forgets” to credit InMoov
InMoov in Israel:
MAKE article:
Popular Science article and video:
Makercon article and videos:
Article les decideurs:
Foire de Paris Makerfaire 2015

      TF1 Journal Televise 20:00: (at 24 minutes)

M6 Journal Televise 20:00: at 18 minutes :)

 Le Parisien Webtv:
Annonce  blog Imerir MFP2015:
Present Nicolas TV:
 France3 Television:
France inter, La tete au carre:
InMoov built by Ian, a young Russian student:
La Nouvelle Republique:
InMoov built in Russia, University of Khakov, Ukraine:

Facial expressions robots

Les Echos French Interview:

MAKE Germany:

The Guardian:

InMoov Explorer:

India IIT:


Adafruit post mortem interview:


French Ulyces article:

Robot Expo 2014 Russia:



Russian TV about Alexander Semochkin in University:

Le Parisien:

Instructables using InMoov hands:


Alexander has a Russian article:

Web Summit Ireland:

Italian article:

Various Russian TV and articles:   TV

German article:

Diligent contest without my consentment as author on InMoov parts:

New Zealand Herald:

German interview:

Interview sur Le Mouv, Radio France:

Andrew Sink about 3D printing at 14:45

Various articles:

University of Otawa:


Article in Liberation French Newspaper


A RepRap thread on people getting together to print a InMoov prosthetic arm for the San Mateo Makerfaire:,322630,354599#REPLY


Ball of Robots in Russia with Alexander:бал-роботов-в-москве-7-фото-hd-видео/


Makezine Bertier Luyt:


Nicolas Huchet et InMoov dans Telegramme journal:

New Zealand Radio interviews InMoov builders at Canterbury University:


click on 3d printed robot for to listen to the radio program


Intel uses InMoov and Myrobotlab to promote their own 3D printed robot:

Another Intel video:


Wayne Kinne is the first human to test kinect on InMoov:

Markus in Stockholm MakerFaire/

3 Students in University use InMoov for their project called CAPA:

France Inter à propos de Nicolas Huchet , aucune mention sur InMoov:

Brancante interview in Brezil:

Pictures and video of Alessandro for Arduino Day:


University in UK prints InMoov and calls him Marc:В_Москве_состоялся_зимний_Geek_Picnic_(фото,_видео)

Grog is starting to build his InMoov:

Markus and InMoov on Swedish Television:

An interview for a Brezilian TV Fantastico show, this includes an interview of Brancante Gustavo and Robohand:

InMoov picture used for the New Yorker:

InMoov being top ten by Adafruit of the coolest 3D printable stuff:

French article about the Paris 3D show:

Leonardo gets interviewed: makes a long interview at the 3D printShow:

Sydney Makerfaire, jhacks robot:


InMoov is travelling in a camping car in Australia, to the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne:


Videos on the net during the 3dprintshow Paris 15/16 November:


MAKE hangout on 13th november 2013:

20h00 sur France2:

a funny video:

a french article:

A super clone:

Links to different articles and videos:

makezine talks about InMoov:
A funny one:

A german artikel after the NYC Makerfaire:
InMoov top 6 events in the Makerfaire, thanks to Chuck Fletcher.
InMoov at the TEDx Show in Valladolid Spain:
Some nice pictures on a starting blog:
Some tweets pictures:
When InMoov gets wild!

InMoov by Chuck Fletcher at NYC Makerfaire:

Robbie start to Moov:

A German Artikel:

I appreciate the effort of contribution!

InMoov hand controlled on full speed with a power glove:

InMoov hand controlled with Iphone:

A German Artikel with no link to InMoov, strange?

An InMoov hand simulation:

Bionico flickr pictures:

Solidoodle time laps printing InMoov.

Graham had posted this video on youtube but I stumbled on it by luck.

Adafruit article:…html


This is interesting because it is adding info on how to build the hand and forarm. Beware though, the hand is not correctly mounted on the wrist, but beside that it is a very nice descriptive instructable project.

If you read the below article you will see that Easton Lachapelle used InMoov at some point for his arm. But this boy is NOT ready to share like he says in the Ted’s conference.
In fact the hand is not his own design but was designed by Chris Chapelle and he doesn’t even mention him during his speech.
Chris Chapelle and  Easton Lachapelle are two different persons.
Chris Chapelle has a site: Anthromod.
I have helped Easton Lachapelle at the beginning when he started to 3D print InMoov, but the only time I asked him some help about his camera he never responded. You can find back our correspondence we had in the comments of Thingiverse.
Another article with another version of the facts:
This is exactly where Open Source sharing will have to face an economical system that will fight back for a very long time. It is insidious, it is us. We are only at the beginning of a new era and we might go through a long time before we find the path to the new age.

InMoov at Riverside Robotic expo becomes In-Moov :)

Using pneumatic muscles with an InMoov finger:

3D printing system of Australia at a convention, they had asked previously if it was okay to show the hand. Normaly it is a motorised hand but I haven’t seen other pictures.

strange vid:

Check this one, Zviad is turning InMoov into a Terminator!

Robots and andoids, Thomas as finally started to print after a lot of trouble with his Solidoodle printer.

Diligent Design contest with InMoov…

The 3DMaker at Makerfaire in Taiwan revealed  a fantastic little video, I really enjoyed the expression of the kid at 0,24 of the first video.

All in french, this video is done by the FabLab of Rennes in France. The goal of their project is to create a low cost prosthetic hand for Nicolas Huchet, a limb less beta tester who hopes to play piano again.
Thanks for mentionning SO many times InMoov and my name in the video.

And an Article, where they go a bit far when they say “creating legs and feet that will both look human and support the weight of the servo motor-filled, plastic robot”
The legs are at the very first stage and the feet needs a lot of modifications…

In french:

First Italian InMoov:


A 38 hours print for the head, that might be a record!


Not only the fails, but the working parts also are viewable on J ha’s blog:




Cool looking robot, check picture 7.


A blog over the finger starter.


found this:

The sound of this InMoov robot is scary.
Following this blog is fun too. I wish the pictures would be on Thingiverse too. I had a hard time to find back the link to the blog of EIFA.
Jhack has posted the first video of the first InMoov replicant arm in action. I loved it. Too cool! Until now I saw many hands in action but no complete arm. Who’s next?

I’ll start out, found this one today:

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