Well, that took me a while to post. I just couldn’t find the right moment for to make that video.
I should make a “making of”, because for to achieve this one, I had to redo it five times . Between the phone that rings, the ground plug from the Arduino that disconnect, and me kicking the table and not knowing anymore what I am talking about…

You are lucky to finally see a video, I tell you.

This picture is for to show the latest covers of the bicep, looking from close at the picture you can see in the background the head of InMoov.

I work on the head when I get stucked in engineering some other parts, for example the shoulder has given me headaches, so from time to time I start studiying the head, it’s eyes movments with the camera and other fun things.

 Update 07/10/12 covers are uploaded on Thingiverse.

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  1. Very impressive and the movement is nice cant wait to have this attached to my robot. Would you be able to upload the brackets from the arm to shoulder? I need to mount the arm some place solid kids are hard on plastic parts


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