InMoov was presented at the Makerfaire of Pittsburgh by Brian. He had been working hard to get all his things ready for display. We can’t see it on the picture but he also had a Rostock delta 3d printer he builded. Things didn’t go like Brian wanted though that day, apparently some kids went aggressive on the 3D printed fingers… And on other presented things.
I have seen a video made that day by the local TV where he desperatly tempted to present InMoov, but that also didn’t turn out like he wanted.
Anyway, I want to make a Special Thanks for his efforts that day.

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  1. Thank you hairygael,

    Your recognition is very kind. Maker Faire was a frustrating but, fun experience for our first time out. Next year has got to be better. Right?

  2. Hi Brian, yes I’m sure it will be better, you’ve got a whole year to build some more surprising stuff. I just got an idea: If you would build a ramp with 5 animated hands taking each a different position, I’m sure you would surprise those kids!

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