Hey all,
Here is what I’ve got until now. I found some very talented people that are helping to developpe InMoov’s brain. GroG is the guy that runs Myrobotlab and he has been helping to get InMoov listening to commands.
If you download his GUI you can do all kinds of interesting things with your robot. The neat part is that you can do all that with any Arduino board. The GUI still needs developpement but I have confidence to get to a point where I will understand how it works.
This a small video explaining some basic use of Myrobotlab.

And I have made a video with the last printed parts mounted on the robot.
Have a look it’s getting to a point where it starts to look like something…
Hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Thanks Brian.
    I am struggling with connections at the moment. Any wire that is misconnected will create a wrong mouv which can result in breaking a part. I have to create a secure wiring system between my 24 servos. They use a lot of Amps. I have to learn how to etch PCB’s.

    • Hi Ambroise, thanks for your interest. I’m planning on uploading soon the shoulder and torso parts, but I’m not so happy about some designs yet. If I upload it as is, I might have to change parts again and you wouldn’t be happy to reprint them… Did you already print the hand and arm? The head is definitly not ready at the moment, the jaw mechanism has to be redesigned.
      A bientôt.

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