This will help, I am sure about it!
There is a new tab on the blog which contains Assembly Sketchs for a more comprehensive perception.
There is also other tabs that might interest you…
I want to clear a dilemna with “WristmallV3” part. Some of the builders might think during it’s assembly to “WristlargeV3” that there is an error, because the fingers can go more further in open position than in closed one. This is because you need to fix the “topsurface”. Once attached the fingers won’t open too much.
Also the closing really shouldn’t be too much, because once the finger tips are glued, you will get ringfinger stucked by majeure finger on full closing.  

If, after the complete assembly of those parts, it doesn’t close enough to your taste, cut a little bit with a knife the blocks inside the palm, that stop the closing. 

Ringfinger should have a movement of about 15 degree and Littlefinger of about 20 degree while Thumb will normally have a 50 degree movement.


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  1. This page helped a lot in understanding the assembly. For some reason I’ve allowed myself to be intimidated by the project. Maybe because a real printed robot IS seen in my imagination and the idea IS IMMENSE! Even when I put my head down and just assemble parts – then see what has been done – I am stunned. I too did not know much when I started this new age tinkering and have been doing for a little more than a year. But, I’ve not approached directly as you have. I’ve already overwhelmed myself with Arduino and electronic details, board design, assembly, building 3D printers, electronic design tools (to no effective ability), not yet programming, etc…..

    Thanks again, and forever, for continuing to grow this project. History/Future making on all levels, when noticed and appreciated, is liberating. And quite a lot for the simple soul to take in. This is a trip. (Maybe I’m just going goofy? But, I’ve read and learned a little about history….. ;-))

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